polyester bride

The Blue of my Oblivion
2004-02-28 16:12:57 (UTC)

recipe for disaster

i'm going to make a list of things that make me happy:

- pajama pants
- flip flops
- eyeliner
- good music
- great music
- great movies
- gummy worms
- twix
- pizza
- mashed potatoes
- macaroni and cheese
- subtle glitter (or as i like to call it, pretty dirt)
- hair dye
- neon markers
- hats
- nail polish
- flowers
- peace signs
- guitars
- stickers
- kurt cobain
- nirvana
- johnny depp
- the darkness
- justin hawkins
- dan hawkins
- figment (the purple dragon)
- midgets! (not oompa loompas,those things scare the hell
out of me)
- iron-on letters
- stained glass
- paint
- pianos
- posters
- boyfriends
- insense
- sneakers
- candles
- lakes
- sunsets
- clouds
- finding funny/naughty things in clouds
- sandboxes
- poems
- food coloring
- staircases
- rollercoasters
- kisses
- really great hugs
- pillows
- fleece blankets
- wierd lights
- awesome friends
- horses
- dogs
- cats (sometimes...)
- trampolines
- ice cream
- brownies
- bowling!
- free online diaries :)
- smiles
- nice firemen (not strippers, haha, but ones like the
firemen that waved to me the other day)

i'm working on a small project. not one i'll get a grade
for, but one i'll feel really good about. it's one i think
everyone should try.

here goes. i'm going to try to do at least one thing that
makes me happy every day. no matter what. if there is
absolutely no chance at all i am 100% sure i can't do
anything on that list or anything having to do with
anything on that list, then all i can do is smile and
say, "hey, i'll have a great day tomorrow". this could just
be a recipe for disaster, but i'm trying to find something
that will work.

my little brother walked in on me cutting. in my own bed.
the razor is behind my pillow. how sad is that? too sad. it
can't happen anymore. i won't find myself if i don't
search. i have to start finding ways to make myself happy

everyone should do at least one thing to make themselves
happy every day that they can. and once a week go somewhere
in their pajamas. last night, i went to get ice cream in
pajamas, fishy pajama pants, a t-shirt, and monkey
slippers. it was great.

there is my recipe for happiness. i could write a book
about it. it's going to be my little experiment.

i'm crossing my fingers it'll work.

today i have a bunch of things to do, yardwork, schoolwork,
cleaning, and all that jazz. it's going to make me crazy.
but at four, alex is coming over and then we're going to
see a movie. that's two things already that make me happy.
alex 2 is coming with us. a really great friend. that's
three things that make me happy.

if it doesn't work, c'est la vie. i'll live. i'll be okay.
there is no such thing as the perfect life.

i wish i had thought of all of this sooner!

dr. phil, watch out. my new book is going to kick your
book's ass!

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