2004-02-28 10:34:08 (UTC)

very busy

these fews days are very busy, but i dunt wat i'm busy
in....... suen ba la.
i hate 3D trig. , they are so damn difficult. simon said we
need to use our imagination, but i dunt have much. i can't
waste all of them on those stupid 3d trig. i need to save
some and use it on somewhere. but where? i dunno yet.
mon is geog test. ai... gd luck to all geog students. hope
mrs kwong will be back soon, cos old woman sucks. i dunt
un. a single thing that she said. i will be dead on mon.

Amicable(AM i ku bul)(adj.)
- friendly
- word charge
- friendly, agreeable

eg One who is amicable is amazingly likable.