worse than teenage poetry
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2004-02-28 08:30:14 (UTC)

To A Boy

*heehee, as I copy my dear dear Tammi*

Dear Boy,
I am a typical teenage girl. Sometimes I think I'm
different, but then I realize that I am the same as
everyone else. I whine too much, I can make a molehill
into a mountain whenever I am given the chance. I give my
heart away too easily and I am way too trusting. I value
friendship above all else, and I love my friends. I can be
loud sometimes, and my words can become incoherent because
I do not say all of my thoughts. Its something to get used
to. I tend to try and hide my anger, sadness, or any
negative emotions under a veil of being crazy and loud and
boisterous. My friends have learned that about me. You
soon will too. You're out there. Actually, there are a lot
of you out there, because there will be many boys yet to
come in my life. But maybe there will be one that makes me
feel different. Makes me feel that I am unique in some
way. A best friend as well as a lover. I am an obvious
romantic. It is easy to woo me over with a song or a poem,
or even a flower. My flaws are great, but you, you will be
able to accept them. And I'll accept yours.
Awaiting you,

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