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2004-02-28 02:30:23 (UTC)

Sorry, Darwin

I did hours and hours of research on Darwin’s
theory of evolution, and for a while it seemed to me that I
was the only one who sided with God. I found article after
article written by scientists who wanted to commend Charles
Darwin for his amazing discovery, and I put discovery in
italics because I want to point out that Darwin did
not “discover” anything, but rather he sat and thought and
made an educated guess at what could have happened. He did
nothing more or less than what a child does when he
daydreams, and people bought it. Now, just when I had lost
all hope - just when I thought that all of humanity had
given up on God, I came across the answer, and the answer
came in the form of two words: “irreducible complexity”.
Darwin’s theory is based on the concept of
microevolution, which is the process by which very small
genetic variations within a particular species alter the
overall appearance and behavior of an animal over millions
of years. And using this concept, Darwin came up with the
theory that there could have been one ultimate beginning
piece of matter that all things evolved from.
Now, this is where irreducible complexity comes in.
An irreducibly complex organism is made up of several
different components, all of which perform vital life
processes. It is the bottom level of complexity, below
which organisms are not able to function, and therefore are
not able to exist. The removal of one component in the
entire system of an irreducibly complex organism renders
the whole system entirely inept. This supports the theory
that all organisms were created separately at the
irreducibly complex level, all creatures are evolved from
creatures with similar cell structure, and that all beings
were not formed from one original source, living or
inanimate (This includes Darwin’s theory that homo sapiens
are derived from apes, because under the concept of micro-
evolution, entire new species are not formed, but rather
sub-species, in a very close likeness to the original. It
is in this way that modern homo sapiens are of a different
build of our Neanderthal ancestors, but still of the same
overall genetic make-up, whereas apes are not of as similar
a genetic make-up to us as are our ancient ancestors).
This, as you may notice, follows along with the story of
the creation of man found in the Old Testament. Genesis
states that God created all creatures separately, and did
not create them by means of evolution from one source. It
also states that God created man in his own likeness, and
not in the likeness of an ape.
Indeed Darwin even included in his theory the
possibility that all organisms are derived from one piece
of inanimate matter. However, this argument is fruitless
because we are now blessed with the knowledge of the second
law of thermodynamics, which states that all inanimate
matter breaks down into its elementary parts with the
passing of time. It goes on further to say that inanimate
objects do not spontaneously organize into more complex
It is in this way that Darwin’s theory of
evolution - clever and thought provoking as it was - has
become obsolete to us since our new knowledge has allowed
us to read between the lines of science, and the many
interpretations of the Bible, to come up with some answers
to the most fundamental questions that man has ever asked.
I have to regretfully admit that during this
research I did not discover where life comes from. In a
hundred years I could not tell you where the earliest life
began, short of telling you to look for the Garden of Eden.
In fact in 14 years of wondering, studying, reading, asking
questions, and seeking the help of family, friends, and
God, I have only come up with two concrete facts:

1.There is a God.
2.I’m not Him.

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