Thoughts of His girl
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2004-02-27 17:56:57 (UTC)


(rubs my eyes) I wke up at 7 am to get the girls off to
school , then I layed down with aaron and feel asleep
watching a movie. Its 9:46 and I just woke up again .

I have kept GCN logged in with away message all night and
all morning . I miss you so much Master. (takes a breath)
I hope we talk soon.

A nilla friend called me last night (Adrian). He was upset
his siter was hit by a car 2 days ago and has been
unconscious since. He went toth hospital and it got to
him. She is 16.

I guess gina is going out tonight and tomorrow because she
asked me to babysit. (shrugs) I dont understand that woman
at all these days. I am going to move everything outof the
girls room today , beds, toys, dressers, cloths from
clotset everything. Whipe down the walls, vacuum, and
rearrange. I can not stand clutter and dirty rooms or
houses... and well the kids room is a mess from top to
bottom. (laughs)

Its cold and stormy here. Last night we had a really bad
thunder storm. This house is so old and has very little
insulation so this morning its freezing.

I want to go dancing soooooo bad it sucks.

Anys ways ... I think I am going to jump in the shower and

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