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2004-02-27 17:11:45 (UTC)


Ok, so I had to stay home from school today. I slept in,
kind of on purpose. I wanted to go to school half way
through though, because we have a test in pre-calc and I
can't loose anymore points in Leisure Sports. GRRR.
Good news though, I got to talk to Matt. I spoke with Sam
also. That was pretty cool. It felt a lot like talkin to a
friend or big brother instead of . . .well. . .the man I
once loved . . . heh. . and still do. . . ugh it's
confusing I know.
So I got more of that feeling from Matt. I was reading his
online journal and he. . .he. . .I don't know, what he said
just made me cry. I can't understand why I come off as so
great to him. . .I'm really not. I'm . . just me. Never
been great at anything. I mean, honestly, my family has a
tradition of always getting 3rd. A long record starting
with my grandfather. I don't know if it's entirely
hereditary though, I don't think Dustin has the gene, and
I'm not sure Austin does either.
I really hope that Matt's parents respond to him soon about
borrowing the car. I really wanna go see him. He said it
would cheer him up. But he doesn't know how exstatic I
would be to see him. I'm getting teary eyed just thinking
of him holding me, and hugging me and kissing me . .
and. . . .oh I've gotta stop. :-D
well I should go, I do feel mildly guilty for not going to
school, so I'm goin to go clean a little and do homework.
Oh, and e-mail Matt. :-D


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