Hokwan dish~
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2004-02-27 15:59:05 (UTC)


Today... nothing special i think~ just get something
happened after school. but nothing special, perhaps it was
a normal things for somebody. But i just know that there
are some people are very cheap! They like to tell the
opposite of the turth! How come? I hate this guys! Why
don't think about the turth? Stupid guy!

This night, i've talk with a girl who is elder than me,
and she is a nice girl! I like that girl so much, i like to
talk with her and i have a special feeling, ng... i can't
tell you what's that feeling, but i think she is so nice
and nice to talk with her! Although i was quite down
tonight, but i will feel very happy after talking with her!
But just including talking with her! She is really nice!
It's so warm to talk with her and she is so funny!

Tomorrow? I hope my grandma will not ask us to have a tea!
And Sunday also!!! I've said that I'll not going to have
any meal with her, except the meal that is for whole
family! I feel so sorry! But i still hate her! And i also
said that i would rather to choose no lunch, i would not
choose having lunch with her! If my mum didn't stay at here
and always ask me to be kind on her, i think... i have been
argue with her for a long time ago!