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2004-02-27 15:41:02 (UTC)

Home Ec...

Heather walked into her Home Ec class and smiled at the
cutie named Ron near her chair."Hi Ron" Heather looked down
at his large viriginized dick and smiled"I think you have
to fix that Heather" said Ron in whispers. Heather took his
hand and headed to the closet in the back of the room. She
had the keys and locked the door so no one could get in.
Ron smiled and began to take is shirt off...Heather grabbed
his hand and let his fingers slide underneath the skirt and
thong she was wearing. Ron smiled and Heather began to put
her hands down his pants and gave him a hand Job.Soon
heather had taken her skirt off and Ron,his pants. Heather
guided Ron's dick to her hot wet waitng pussy. He beagn to
bang her harder and harder. With every thrust heather
moaned with pleasure.Heather got an idea..."ron, lay down
we're doing the butterfly." Ron layed down to where is
large dick was already standing up. Heahter strattled him
and he began to scream..."Heather I'm cuming!" Heather
jumped off his dick and began to let him cum in her mouth.
"Damn Heahter I never knew you were that fucking
good.""It's all a part of the game Ron baby". Ron slowly
rised to his feet and began to take Heather shirt and cami
off. Her big 38ddd's began to bounce as he licked her pussy.
" Oh yes Ron tounge fuck me!' heather moaned with
excitement. Ron let his tounge go in and out of heather's
wet pussy.Oh god did it feel good.

Ok Part II to CUM soon