Mind problems
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2004-02-27 07:22:31 (UTC)

The thing i did...

I was a model to day for a while...

I had to start to get ready at about 2pm, and all that
they got done was my eye makeup and i got my hair done. It
was very interesting to get that done and all but it took
too long. I though it would be over by 5 and i could go do
aomething else. Well that didn't happen, my make up that i
just told you about toke about 3 hours!!! Dude this
sucked, it was very un cool. I wish it would have gone a
lot faster.

So we went to some guys house to take the pics, the only
thing was that it was cold and the clothes he made isn't
meant to keep you warm... So i wasn't. Hopefully i will
get to see the pics soon and then i can send them out to
my friends and my babe above all. I got to wear to
different outfits, i though one looked way better on me
than the other but it was all good. Actually both looked
good on my compaired to the other two chics. We all wore
the same outfits and i though that was cool. I think thats
why i looked better in the outfits. well because they are
a size 2 or 3 and i'm a size 7 so it fit my really good
and the clothes fit them saggy. But its his taste not
mine. So yeah...

Hopefully i can add a link to this later so you can see it
direct. But if i can't just e mail me...

Oh yeah, don't wear a ton of makeup its hard to remove it
took me about an hour to get rid of it. It was very hard
since it was layered in me and i had to use lotion and
then wash my face and repeat... but it finally came off
the bigger majority of it i think that i might have a
little but it will come off if i wash my face again

Well later days....