2004-02-27 06:50:51 (UTC)


I've been online typing, eating, thinking, writing, talking
listening, sending e-mails and overall just getting

I really got inspired to do another scene to got with the
beer bottle one I wrote a couple of weeks back. This was
before rehearsal today. Afterwards I wanted to write two. I
think my energy has gone out through my ass though so that
might not have ended up well. Sent it to freestreet anyway.

Yikes. Got weird news though. Mainly about tomorrow. Here's
what might happen, and what needs to happen:
family from canada coming = might
me going to interview = will happen
godfather come over to check something = very possible
me play dnd = might rather no
go with father to get prescription = will happen

The family thing though. That's really out there though.
Why does all our family, that we never keep in touch with
have to come over to our little cozy home now. All in the
same weekend? When I wanna play dnd and have stuff to do?
No one is at home except for me, so what the hell, this
means I'd have to not walk my pj's and host. Hate doing
that to family. Not to be mean, I wanna keep in touch but
it's just not a good time, we have no place for them to
sleep, we've got no time, except for me. I'd feel bad and

So Oscar wanted to see that Christ movie with me. I want to
see it, but not with him alone. I don't like sitting by
people who try to comfort me when I don't want them to, or
I don't need it. This guy thinks I'm always scared, and
this is a gruesome flick. I know he'd try to get kinda cozy
with me and I'm cool with some people doing that with me,
but being kinda shallow I guess, I can only do that with
certain people. Technically I don't even do that with real
close friends. I know he wants to be more. Don't want that
at all. Damn I gotta go clubbing and soon. Or I'll implode.

These dieties are starting to drive me mad. The Ennead I
got. But then comes the Ogdoad to remember, and the 12
daughters of Re. Reminds me of Ivan. He has atleast 7, me
being one of them. HAHAHA. Now whenever I think Re, I think