Thoughts of His girl
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2004-02-27 05:50:58 (UTC)

Wed. and Thurday ( Is the week over yet?)

On the 24ths when I rebooted I discovered that the disk my
roommate used for XP profession would not let me regiser
it because she had already used the reg code 1x. so I had
to hook up my tower, whichis a good thing because my
computer is better and faster. Plus it has all of my
writing , graphics, and sketches on it. (laughs)

Most of yesterday I spent working on my essay assighnment
and cleaning house. My roommate is a pig actually she
makes pigs look clean.(laughs hard)

Yesterday I also took my MSN and yahoo list and cleaned
them off. I blocked and delted alot of people. Thanks
Master. Thanks Chris. Chris like you Master was reminding
me that sometimes its simply time to walk away. So I did .

He alwys helped me sort through some issues with my
roommate gina( his bestfreind). There is some finacial
stuff going on that has me baffled, and things she is
doing with men her revolving bedroom dor that are
bothering me. I mean my kids see it just as clear as I do .
(shakes my head)

She asked me to babysit tomorrow night and Sat. night when
she went out. ( sighs) Then she tells me if I want to go
out alone with Chris for a few hours whe he is here in a
week that she willw atch my kids. This is a woman who
doesnt watch her own daughter most of the time . (takes a
breath) and Im supposed to be comfy leaving my kids yet
alone my 6 year old autistic sone who she can barely
handle with me here . Um... no I dont think so .


Its so quiet here everyone is asleep . I miss you Master.
I am listening to my favorite song. ILlt ry and find the
ltyrics for you .

Side note ... my best friend in the world who has been a
otal ass and did a hudinie showed up and we have been
talking. It is so nice seeing and talking to him again.
Vincent and I are just the same.(laughs)But he is a man
and im well a girl. He lives in outside of Anchrage. Hes a
total pain in my ass.(laughs) Hes like you Master ,
strong , frims and very very sexual. I think you 2 would
get along , I hope you would. Vinc. is great for a nilla.


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