Thoughts of His girl
2004-02-27 05:40:21 (UTC)

The Purpose of a Master, The Purpose of a slave ( PUNISHMENT ESSAY)

The relationship between a Master and slave can be both
very simplistic and very defined. Some beleive that being
a Master means that You get everything You want and that
You have no responsibitly , while some also believe a
slave to be emotionally unstable and vulnerable. I dont
think either are true. I hope to explain what I think the
duties and responsibilites of each are.

The duties of a slave are as varied as snowflakes.
However, they can be simply summed up in one statement "
exquisite beauty and total obedience." Every equation
falls within those guidelines for a kajira. She should be
found pleasing at all times in not only what she does but
how she does it. If a girl obeys her Masters order to
kennel but grumples or pouts she is obeying in action
alone and not very pleasing. Or if a girl is ordered to
the whipping position and question her Master on why, she
is not obeying or pleasing. Often times a Master will
request things to simply see if His girl will obey with
out question.

Many have the persecption that beauty simply speaks of
physcial attributes but it speaks of every part of her
being.She should be graceful and beautiuful in everything
thing she does from the most simplistic task such as
laundry to sexually pleasing her Master . Every action
should be done with a feminine style and sexuality lost in
most women, but a kajira feels this burn to be pleasing
naturally and refines it through training. Meeting her
Masters needs becomes natural after a time, like

The thought of absolute obediance should be self
explanitory, a kajira does as she is told and is pleasing
in doing so , or she is quickly delt with and her actions
or nonaction punished. However, a girl that loves her
Master finds herself devoted helplessly to Him and aches
to please Him not out of fear of punishment but simply to
be pleasing in His eyes. Many times a kajira's punishemnt
upon herself for displeasing her Master is more effective
than feeling His lashes. The thought of displeasing her
Master builds guilt and personal displeasure. She tries to
adjust her actions out of simple desire to please Him .

An owned slave no longer excists for herself but for her
Master. He is her purpose and strength, He gives her
emotional stability and focus. A girl who has both beauty
and absolute obedience is prized and held dear.

A Master in many ways is like a parent he teaches and
guides His girl . When she steps out of line or is found
displeasing it is His duty to discipline her and teach
her. It is thought that a girl reflects upon her Master
good and bad. If a girl fails does her Master not fail as
well. If a girl can not hold her tongue or speaks out of
turn not only does she make herself look foolish but she
also makes her Master look like He CAN NOT or DOES NOT
control what is His. I see a Master like a dog ower in
ways, If you own a pit bull and it attacks someone your
responsible and so is the dog but as owner you hold
primary responsibility to control your animal. A girl
holds some responsibitly for her action but her Master
holds greater responsibitly for her action because she was
not trained or controled.

Yes , like a child a kajira can learn many life lessons
alone but often she will end up physically and emotionally
scared where if guided by a strong and patient Master the
lessons may still come but a true Master is prepared for
those lessons and protects her, sheilds her from the
brunt of the storm. It is like being told to get in the
wine cellar in a hurrican , you dont ask questions you
simly obey. When a girls Master tells her something she
must trust that He has her best interest at heart and not
question but simply listen and obey.

It is a Master's duty and obligation to teach His girl to
be found pleasing but also how to survive in their day to
day life but it is her responsibility to listen, obey and
be found pleasing while doing so. To have a Master /slave
relationship I believe a great deal of trust and knowledge
not only of Gor but of each other must be held. This
requires time and effort. A Master and slave are a team. A
team built upon the utmost respect and total trust. With
out those to things both are destined to fail in the
relationship.There is more to being a Master than always
getting your way and more to being pleasing than sex. You
can not Master another until you have first Mastered
Yourself nor can a girl serve until she has given over her
trust in another.

Thoughs of a simple kajira .. nothing more nothing less.

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