Thoughts of His girl
2004-02-27 05:37:31 (UTC)

My Strength, My Love, My Dear Friend, and My Master

From: [email protected]
Timestamp: 2004-02-25 01:08:26 GMT

Mine I have read this diary and I want you to add this to
you are not a whore, You are My girl,I love you and that
all that matters ,My love U/us and your children
as I tried to explain today you are here to please Me no
body else, yes I have real time problems with My ex wife
taking the kids back Home but they are problems that I
to deal with I had to punish you today to show I love you
and that My problems are not for you to worry about, you
have enough problems right now I want you to concentrate
positive things like your children and pleasing Me ~grins~
I love you Mine but the punishment still stands

Master You make me so strong and happy . I love you and I
know I am not a whore I am a Gorean slave, I am Your
slave. I am strong and beautiful and you find me pleasing.
I know your punishment was tomake me focus and thats why I
love you .

I missed you yesterday and today. I e-mailed the essay to
you as you instructed I hope it meets your approval. It
came from the heart of this slave girl, your girl .

We had a thunder storm here today. It was wonderful would
have been better with the fire going and at Your feet
eatingice cream. (laughs)

Cyrmic emailed me today well last night. i will never
understand that man. He emailed me because I had him
blocked . He told me there was someone using an embrace
name who is being hunted he thought it was me . He thought
that you and i split up and that I went back to using
embrace that was the name he meet me under almost 3 years
ago .

I have to laugh, silly people . I will never leave You !

I love you Master.

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