No time for love Dr. Jones
2004-02-27 05:25:34 (UTC)

Renew our faith which way we can, to fall in love with life again

A friend just asked me if I still think about Kelly and how
long after she dumped me did i still think of her. I'm not
sure if I've written about this yet, so this is what i told

When my parents left Darwin, I moved into an apartment with
Kelly. After she left me, I was in the place alone, but her
name was still on the lease, so she was still legally
responsible for half of everything. She didn’t pay rent,
but I took care of that because I thought if I confronted
her she’d get angry, and I was still delusional to the
point of thinking she’d come back. I got someone into the
spare room (but that’s a whole nother story).

She eventually came around to move all her stuff out, and
she tried to make me sign a letter saying I let her out of
the lease. I told I wouldn’t sign it, because then I’d be
legally responsible for all the rent and I didn’t know how
much longer I could go on paying rent by myself. I was on
my way out when she tried to get me to sign this thing, and
as I was leaving she yelled out behind me, “I hate you”.
From that moment on I realised she wouldn’t ever come back
to me, but it wasn’t for a few months that I stopped loving

About three months after she left me, the lease on the
house ran out, and I couldn’t afford to keep living there,
so I agreed to move in with some guys from work, who had a
spare room at their place. By this time I’d already met
Carolyn and was hanging out with her every now and then.
One day I was shifting my stuff to my new place, and I got
a call from Kelly asking why I was with Carolyn all the
time. I told her we were just friends and that it stopped
being her business when she dumped me. Then I asked her if
she was going to come and help me clean the apartment
before the final inspection because she was still on the
lease. I can’t remember what she said next, but the
conversation ended with her yelling at me, “I hope you die
in a car crash”.

From that moment on I stopped loving her.

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