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silent wishes
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2004-02-27 04:53:41 (UTC)

this thing so doesnt like me

noo!!! it deleted everything i had wrote and kicked my
off!! argh!! aggrivating as everything...and now i dont
have a clue what i wrote. well anyway, it snowed today, and
that was pretty cool. it hasnt snowed in a very long time.
i made snow icecream, and it was really good.

somethign compelled me today to tie a camoflage bandana
in my hair and i've been wearing it around ever since. i
tried on this little black dress that i bought awhile back
just cause i thought it was pretty, and i have to say that
was one of the strangest outfits i've evern put on. i had
on this little black cocktail dress, flip-flops, that camo
bandana and my boyfriend's necklace and wristband with
packman on it. i liked it actually...

i think the coolest thing for somebody to do for prom
would be to have the girl wear a dress that looked like
something Hot Topic sells, and to put streaks of some odd
color in her hair and have the guy in a solid black tux or
somethign like that and wear a tie of some really vibrant
color and have spikey hair. that would look so awesome!
cause everybody else wears frilly stuff and sits around and
doesnt do anything. where's the fun in that?! but yea, i
like my idea. i think that would be absolutly awesome...

now i want to go to New York...i dont know why, seeing as
how i cant stand the cold, but still, i really want to go.
but i guess for now i'll have to settle for walking around
on the roads near my house. lets just hope i dont get run
over tho.

oooh! i found this really cool website called 'Elfwood',
and its got all these differnt stories and pictures people
have drawn and its just really cool. oh my friend said he
and his girlfriend are getting married sometime after they
get out of school and he said that his girlfriend wants to
name one of their kids after me. i dunno if he's lying or
not, but in any case, i feel special. but ah well.

so yea, we didnt get to go to school today, and so i
didnt get to see my boyfriend, but i got to talk to him so
it's ok. i'm happy now, and kinda sleepy. ::laughs:: these
people got mad at this kid on a tv show because he was
reading a book during a pep rally and now they've made him
be the school mascot and all the cheerleaders were jumping
around him and it was funny...i so dont miss cheerleading.
i got my tooth broke cause this girl decided to elbow me, i
got kicked everywhere i cant tell you how many times, and
in 8th grade, i got my nose broke because the 2 people
helping me hold this girl up decided to walk away. now this
isnt a big girl, but i alone cannot hold 100 lbs of limbs
and butt over my head without injury, which i got. dont ask
me how, but my nose was broke by her butt...that was
disturbing to say the least. ahhh....yes. marching band is
so much better, even if you are in constant peril of being
skewered and beat with a 6ft metal pole. thats what makes
it fun. that and band is gossip central, because its almost
always jerry springer. ah, but i'm sleepy, so i'll go now.
me and my camo bandana...

forever 17