Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2004-02-27 04:29:15 (UTC)


I did not go see the Passion like I had intended, because,
for some reason, I imagined a whole flock of church goers
there, and me, in my impish leathery jacket, and uncombed
hair, sitting quietly and menacingly off to the side
somewhere, trying hard to not get noticed.... So, I decided
to listen to the advice of my wife, and go see it with her,
even though I know it won't be anytime soon, which was the
reason why I wanted to go see it alone in the first place,
so I wouldn't have to wait....

In Adv. Calc, I chewed my fingernails off as I listened to
something about the Hessian, and Taylor's Formula...
Afterwards, after deciding that the movie was a no-go, I
picked up some lunch at W-mart, where they have affordable
subs, (no lavishes there this time around, for some
reason), and instead of picking up soda, I opted for Orange
Juice, but I still splurged on a Snicker's w/Almonds...

I got back to campus, and tried to go study at the library,
but I blew a gasket somewhere in the upper echelons of my
frontal lobe, and decided that the library just wasn't cool
enough for me that day, so I got back to my car, and
decided to roll the windows down, and studied and worked on
a homework problem that was going to be due on Tuesday for
my Numerical Analysis class.... Find the Cholesky factor
of A, where A = I uuT.... I got a kick out of that name,
Cholesky, heh heh....

For my stats class, we learned about 2-sample T-tests.

For matrix class, we touched on how many flops it takes to
do some type of computation, and there he told us that our
mid term will be take home, woo hoo!

On my way back home, my oil gauge kept sliding towards
empty, so I stopped at a gas station and dumped some oil
that I carry in my trunk into the engine block. I drove in
what seemed like bumper-to-bumper traffic for a while,
before it cleared up, and then I got gas for all of
$1.54/gallon. Finally got home around 8'ish, and watched
the last part of some show where this woman had to marry
this guy for a million dollars, but the guy was actually an
actor, and he had to botch it up..... It was slightly
hilarious as the family was embarrassed, and then in turn,
it was she who got duped by the actor, but all in all, I'm
pretty sure that they won't trust anyone outside of their
families for quite some time, lol..... Next came
Millionaire and Simpsons, which I flipped to and fro...
And now dinner's ready, roasted lamb, with mashed
potatoes... Woo-hoo!....

Gotta go.