X is my secret.
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2004-02-27 03:40:58 (UTC)


Ok, I lied. I will enter right now. I miss Matt so much. I
can't believe it's only been two weeks, it's rediculous,
it's felt like a month or so.
I just really can't wait to go to Eau Claire, really, I
want to go see him so bad. Plus there's the perk of being
able to sleep in the same bed as him. I'm so excited. I
really can't wait for him to hold me tight and fall asleep
in his arms. I can't wait to wake up and see him next to
me, and probably still holding me :-) I want it so bad. I
love our new game, hehehehe, i'd rather not share that
with you pervs on the net though.

So my dad's bein an ass again. I was asking him questions
on the phone about the fafsa. He wasn't cooperating and
kept sayin "make things up" i yelled at him every time, "I
can't !!!" so i finally drilled answers out of him. so
it's done, but i just know i won't get anything, i could
barely answer any of the questions bc he hasn't filed his
taxes yet. MAN!! what a moron.

well, i have more but i'm gonna go email matt. seriously.
i'm leaving. bye

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