my crazy life!!! hehehe
2004-02-27 02:44:27 (UTC)

friends are hard to figure out!!!

friends man let me tell u!!! i mean i was really mean but i
feel really bad and i lost one of my best friends!!! u kno
that song by Darell Worrly ( i miss my friend) that is so
my song to him!!i feel like an ass for it,but i was just so
upset that i couldnt take it n e more!!! but we won our
game tonight and i pitched and it was awsome!!! some kid
who was really hott,told me that i was the hottest girl on
the softball team and i had nice legs!! go figure! right?
but we play apopka tomorrow and im really excited!! only
like 2 weeks before the cruise and i am so excited ! yeehaw!
but prom is coming up and i need to find myself a date!!
seriously!!! (lol) well ne ways ill ttyl!! i miss u with
all my heart!!( u kno who u are)