jello girl

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2004-02-27 01:03:35 (UTC)


i am like so happy....and i dont really know why! o well it
is so fun to be happy...but the thing is that i am only
happy on the inside...i dont feel happy on the
outside...and that is really sad...o well, at least i am
Anyway! I am glad for my friend Avery. She dumped this
guy named drew who she was goin out...cuz he was cheeting
on her with this ugly chick. And he was all rubbing it in
Avery's face...i think that is messed up...
I think drew is a jerk...but that is just me...hehe..
I get to be mrs. lewis's aide that is like the bomb!!!
WHOOP WHOOP!! well that is all for today at least for right
now i dont have anything else to
~me~ =^.^=

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