Sexy Kitty Chica
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2004-02-26 23:59:34 (UTC)


Man i am really confused about everything that is going on
in the world... I mean its not even anything big its just
i am tired of the same old people doing the same old
annoying stuff every single day or every single week... Im
tried of seeing the same guys ive seen my whole life. Im
just waiting for the day i can meet my dream man... I dont
even kno what i am looking for all i kno is i want him
punk with spiky hair and piercings! I love that exspecally
the libret! that is my fave on.. Speaking of piercings i
could go for a belly button pierceing and a nipple
pierceing i mean i dont want both or ne thing just the
left one :)! Well any way i am sick of little preppy
people i mean im not the most hard core punk ever but im
sick of the preppy girls trying to go punk i mean most of
them dont like that music they do it for the guys and i
mean come on atleast i like the music... ya know i dont
care about them *well they are hot which is a BIG plus*
but seriously. I HATE GIRL BANDS! They drive me insane
alright the donnas are cool and the distillers are kool
but as far as they go i mean its only so good... I cant
wait till warped tour i hope i meet some sweet people
again and maybe Ryan from yellowcard will be there again
hes soo sweet *yes i did get to meet him and hes AMAZING*
like i cant even discribe it i didnt want to let go of him
hes like my dream guy hes just sooo cute! I love him...
but to bad for me my life sucks and i will never be able
to have him...ugh, ooo well time to go back to this boring
place i call my life C YA!

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