goddess of imaginary light
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2004-02-26 23:07:41 (UTC)

god damnit

depression is the key to your emotions
not to sound crazy or anything but its good sometimes...
when you need to cry, scream, beat the shit out of
it could be over, family...BRANDON
where did that come from!!??
oh yeah, the fact that he drives me can you
say you love someone but never talk to them?
how can you say you miss them so much but you dont bother
to talk to them and then tell bullshit lies
i dont believe him when he says things but i want to , and
thats what hurts worse
he keeps lying, he keeps dragging this out and i cant stop
"youre such a comfortable liar..." ~ chevelle

i took this from a friend, it says everything...

"if anything happens with us it shouldn't start with
deceit" - RW
this is from the profile of CrashingMySoul

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