Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-02-26 22:43:04 (UTC)

i hate...

I hate my bus driver. i swear she is a sexist racist
bitch. she wont let me and alan sit together anymore. me
and him have been basically since she started being our
bus driver. shes sexist b.c she wont let men and women sit
together. shes racist b.c the spanish ppl are the
exception. if a spanish chica wants to sit with a guy then
she can. if me and alan (both white ppl) want to sit
together its ohhh no. Ashliegh is gonna see if its just me
or if she'll get in trouble for sittin with alan too. i
dont want her to. she dont kno his temper and i KNO she
cant stand up to him. ashleigh isnt even brave enough to
break up with her boyfriend! im like the only person in
the world (i think) that will go head to head with alan
and not back down when hes pissed. im the only one not
scared of him. im the only one not scared to argue back.
im the only one stupid enough to. im kinda


*same shit different day. just the shit keeps getting
worse and piling up till it all falls over and i have a
nervous breakdown.*