yes, i am wenderson
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2004-02-26 22:01:04 (UTC)

it was a good day!

today was a AWESOME day! first, woke up, felt all rested
and stuff! i was dancing all around in my room! went to
school, and spenser followed me to my class... HAHA...
passed by his homeroom a few times, just to look in...went
to homeroom, acted retarted with sarah HAHA. good times
good times. went to GAA, PINKY FOLLOWED, yes!!!! and at
art, we were waiting outside the class room, and pinky
walked by ^-^.... and we were like "THATS HIM!" and so
falber RACED after pinky and was like "WAIT WAIT STOP!"
and pinky was like running away....HAHAHA........ in
social studies me and liz were singing... "theres a kitty
on my foot and i want to touch it!" .... "millions of
peaches! peaches for free!..." ... the security guards
radio was turned on, and me, liz, and annie were passing
by it, so we all started dancing!!! and then some girl in
6th grade walked out of her class and we were like "crap"
and we stopped and ran away. lunch was fun. i dont feel
like getting into detail with it haha. at the end of the
day, we went into the band room 3 times to get
liz's "songs and clarinet", but we just wanted to see him.
HIS TRENCHCOAT RULES! on the bus, me and liz sang....yet

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