What the Fuck
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2004-02-26 20:28:05 (UTC)

I hope I can go

I'm waiting for my friend to call b/c she is goin to some
invitational thing b/c she's a dancer and they're leaving
tomorrow after lunch and she's goin to tell me if i can go
or not-i hope i can go b/c every yr that she has gone she
calls me and they sound like they r havin a lot of fun so
she invited me this yr to go-and the rest of the dance
team likes me so i don't think they would mind it's just
she has to get the coaches consent and the only thing i'm
worried about is how i'm goin to get there-see i would
drive but i'm givin blood tomorrow right b4 we leave and
i'm not goin to be able to drive so that is the only thing
that would keep me back-god i hope i can ride with them b/c
i want to go with them b/c i'm friends with half the dance
team and so i know i'll have fun-maybe if i have to drive i
can change the time i give blood to like at 8 that morning-
oh well i'll figure it out 2night-G2G.