Too Much to Say
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2004-02-26 19:55:54 (UTC)

i like me

my number one pet-peve is people trying to FIX things
in me that don't need to be fixed! and all my friends
here do that. i can't take it! and most of the time it's
things i really like about myself. i like that i'm not
overly tidy, i like that i don't live my life by a daily
routine, i love that i'm not anal about school, and i love
that i'm not scared to death of authority! just because
i'm not you, doesn't make me wrong. i love my friends for
who they are, but i also love me the way i am, and i don't
want to be just like them.
fix my actual FLAWS for once. tell me i need to spend
more time talking TO God, instead of ABOUT God. tell me to
shut up and listen more. tell me to swallow my freaking
pride now and then. tell me to break down these emotional
walls and let some feelings show. don't f-ing tell me i
need to go to a worthless class to avoid too many
i need stephanie and celina. they're the only ones
who understand :( they don't roll their eyes at me for
being who i am, they get excited! i swear, if i hear one
more "JEN!" i'm going to scream.


after writing this entree i read this in celina's

"i wish i made more time to make memories like that... i
wish i didn't feel so consumed by responsiblity... one day
i will abandon it all."

THAT'S what i do with my life. I MAKE MEMORIES! and
celina, together we make some of the best!

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