a little piece of me
2004-02-26 17:17:36 (UTC)

workin' out

i must say, i'm a tiny bit proud of myself. for the past 3
days, i've worked out at least an hour. man am i sore!!!
but already i'm feeling better. i've been doing a little bit
of yoga. i can tell my posture is a million times better
already. i really think i'm going to stick to it all this time.

i've been eating better, too. yesterday i had a bowl of
vanilla almond special k for breakfast (that stuff rocks!),
and for lunch a banana, and orange, and some
strawberries. dinner was pretty good too-a chicken
breast with tequila lime sauce, rosemary potatoes,
steamed broccoli and carrots, and a salad. i know it's
nothing spectacular, but i have to start somewhere. i
really think this is going to work out for me because of
my motivation. me. i'm not doing this for anyone else
but me. i must say i feel pretty good about it, too.

other than that, not much else is new. i have to work
tomorrow night for ruth. she's from michigan, and
she's having a bridal shower saturday morning. i told
her i would fill in for her. we can really use the money
right now anyway.

well, i guess that's about it. oh, i have a question if
anyone out there is reading this. has anyone seen 'the
passion of the christ' yet? if so, was it worth seeing?
i'm kinda curious about it. wondered how it was.
please let me know if you have! ty!