Mind problems
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2004-02-26 07:57:10 (UTC)

I lied...

I lied i told Rick, that i didn't have his password for
aol. Well i do i have the one for his mail. With that one
i can get his AIM one and i can see how and what are in
his buddy list and who has been sending him mail. I fell
so bad that he doesn't know that you can do that. I know i
shouldn't be writting this since he is the only person
that has my name to look at it. So yeah i know what is
happening with him even when he doesn't know that i know.

I felt really bad that i looked at his mail today. I don't
even know why i did it, i was just looking around the web
and i got to aol and i logged on and i checked his mail. I
was very offented that he is telling people "love you
much" i tell him that and he tells me that. But he opened
that to other people and that just pisses me off. Am i not
that important that the word can be held between us two. I
guess not... well i hope he does read this because its
killing me that i know this and that he doesn't know me
and i know him so well because i look when he is not

Yeah, you know what pisses me off about him is that he
says that he wants to talk to me. Then he goes brb.. or
hold on and then he leaves. He doesn't care what i think
or whatever. He is just so pissing off... well i hope he
gets to read this because i never ever do that to him,
when he needs me i'm there but when i need him he is not
there and its very upsetting. I though we could talk but
it doesn't seem like that...

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