malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2004-02-26 07:37:56 (UTC)

took a ride through hell

in my dreams.
i was riding in a cab and the devil was the cabbie.
hell was a freeway. or atleast one side of a freeway. an
onramp piled up, a real traffic jam of people struggling to
catch up with their friends. off to my right was the boundary
between hell and earth; it was a freeway way wall, you know
the type- peach and gray block wall. to my left was a
wasteland. satan was driving over people, and i could hear
them screaming and melting and making sucking noises as they
were crushed. it was a wild ride through hell, i was sitting
between my cousin sonny and the devil. there was a hole in
the floor of the cab, and my shoes fell off into no where.
the devil pulled onto an off-ramp that was blocked by yllow
painted cement posts. he stopped, we got off( sonny and i),
walked off the ramp into a neighborhood, and sat down inside
a malt shop. i was bare foot with the feeling i'd left
something terribly important behind, but sonny said i
probably wouldn't find them if i went back.