worse than teenage poetry
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2004-02-26 06:39:10 (UTC)


Yes, I am going through my "like-loke-love-infatuation"
moment again. This is just a combination of people's
answers. But I might put in Quan's because I liked them.

Loke - its like love. I have gotten answers that its like
with lust. Or that he's cute, and a friend. I think loke
is friendship and more. Why? Because friendship brings out
a type of love right away. Its pretty much loving them as
a friend...and hoping for more.

Like - cute, nice, fun to talk to. Maybe don't know that
much about them. But you want to know more. You skip on
the friendship/relationship line, but you want to know
them better before anything happens. At least I would.

Love - I'm not positive. I have two ideas. It can be that
you care about them so much...that you think of them a
lot. And its not just for wanting them. You see their
flaws and accept them and are totally yourself around
them. The other one is when they become a part of you. Its
like your other half, they know you like no other, and you
know them. Its friendship, its lust, its everything at
once. You're best friend, your confidante, and your lover
all in one. And damn, that would be perfect.

Infatuation - You know nothing about the person, but you
just want to fuck them. Its in the heat of the moment. Its
what some people have with movie stars. You lose your
logic, and you lose your composure. You would do anythign
for them, but not in a love way. Just anything so you
could get to them. Its something that usually doesn't have
friendship involved. Or much knowledge of the other.

*EDIT* I can write about it...duh. Bryan told me my thing
with Shane was all infatuation. Who the fuck is he to tell
me how I should feel?

Infatuation or Like?
Borderline, but leaning into Like