forever 17

silent wishes
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2004-02-26 04:55:08 (UTC)

memory from back then

i remember one time when i was about maybe 3, and i had
been at grandma's all day. momma had come to get me and we
were driving back home to our dinky little, freezing cold
apartment. it was sometime in the winter and she had
brought me my favorite baby quilt. it was white and had
little pink and blue and yellow and baby green rocking
horses on it, along with pictures of other little toys,
like the spinny tops and balls and stuff. we lived way out
in the middle of nowhere back then, and there was all this
land that would go for miles. with grass that was always
green and these old wooden fences that ran, it seemed,
forever. ever since i can remember i've always wished on
stars, and that night was no diferent. the old beat up
truck we had was pretty big, and it had fairly large
windows. i remember looking out one just as we were driving
over this little hill, with the pastures and that fence,
and i looked up and wished on a star and right about then i
remember it started to snow. it was so pretty. and
everything was all quiet and happy and could see
the snow falling in the headlights and i remember being sad
because the flakes would hit the windows and melt and i
thought that they had died or something.

then a couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and i went to
this guy's birthday party and as me and my boyfriend were
coming home from the other side of egypt [i swear our
friend must live out in china or somewhere] it started
snowing and you could see it in the headlights and as we
were going around this uphill curvy road, it started
falling really heavily. it was really pretty.

and i remember too, when i was little, that i would play
a game every time it started to rain. if we were driving
somewhere i would trace the rain drops down the windows and
pretend that i was magic and by covering up the drops i
could gather them all up put them in a cup or whatever i
noticed at the moment. i love it when it rains.

forever 17