C'est moi and I'm not french
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2004-02-26 04:54:33 (UTC)

reality is worse than our little dream worlds

So today has sort of sucked.. i mean tons of stuff has
happenned that should have made today good but it just
sucks... nothing is going my way... i dont mean to be all
melodramatic but thats how i feel... soccer c team practice
was fun and i decided im not doing soccer next year... its
not worth it... anyways ill do cross country... there is
nothing to write about... i did this painting of two brown
eyes on a dark green background and a giant tear with a
waterfull in the middle.. out of the other eye is blood
spelling love... i cant think of anything else to paint...
the painting turned out pretty good actually... tommorrow
is my best friends bday... i wonder when you can officially
say that someone and you have lost touch... because i think
me and her have... 11 years down the drain... and i always
thought it was too good to be true...

I decided that i am going to ask spencer to a movie...
nothing new... hopefully hell be a rebel and say yes... he
liked me last year so lets hope he still would
make my year...