Denika's CraZY Life
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2004-02-26 03:55:26 (UTC)

What can happen when the sun shines on your head..

Interesting story I have to tell. You know yesterday, when
I was happy and everything, well.........

I went out to get groceries, right after writing the
entry. I told myself that I am going to love that day, and
DAMNIT I LOOK HOT! lol. (actually I didnt, wash my hair, OR
put makup on) I felt great none the less.

So there I go, marching down the streets filled with snow,
humming to myslef, and writing my name in the snow. It was a
great walk. I walked towards the middle of the street, and I
noticed an EXTREAMLY attracive guy crossing the road. He
says "Hi."

Interesting? Well you wont believe the next part! I said
"hi back" ... kept walking.. I turn around.. notcie he has
turned around too... "You're cute!"... "Ummm ... thanks.." I
said back.

You think this is interesting?? WELL!!

"Do you think I can get to know you?"


Denika- "Do you usually pick up gorls on the side of the
Guy- "No you just caught my eye.."

I learn that his name is greg, and that he is 26. He
asked me where I was going so I told him that i was going
to get groceries.. he said "Ill come with you, and Ill help
carry them back."


We go grocery shopping.. it was wonderful, he carried them
back for me.. so i offered to make him supper..

He stays for supper.. and leaves a short time later.

IT WAS AMAZING! ... what a day. I think I can tell you more
thinggs tomrrow.