life as a teenager
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2004-02-26 00:31:14 (UTC)


alright... i havent written in this in a while.. ikind of
forgot so let me up date u on my incredible LIFE!!!!
1)me and aaron broke up
2)i started goin out iwth jaired but iwas kind of mean to
him... i broke up with him on sunday
3) come to find out ...he had a kidney failure this mornin'
so he is in the hospital in St. Lukes... i feel so bad for
being mean to him... i think he needs a kidney transplant...
so nutin is goin according to plan...my life pretty much
SUCKS!!! o well i will get through this.. i just wanna see
jaired so bad..but since i cant drive and i live 1hr away
from the hospital its kinda hard for me to get there! i kno
things will be good agin here in a lil while! good things i
have good friends!!! umm i am doin pretty good in school
right now..except math which i have like a D-- o well!! in
spanish i am gettin an A.. YAH BaBY!! imet my sis
terra...she is really cool! umm dono what else to say