2004-02-25 23:25:18 (UTC)

Lenten Resolutions

Today is Ash Wednesday. I went to church this afternoon for
the imposition of ashes and communion. I also made my
Lenten resolutions. They include giving, prayer and fasting.

Giving-- I'll make six white burial gowns and bonnets--some
sewn and some knitted--for premature and new babies.
Hospitals give them to the parents of a child who has died.
Because these are so difficult, emotionally, to make I'm
also going to make some small preemie hats in bright colors.
These will be mailed to the NICU of Dorenbecher Children's
Hospital in Portland.

Prayer--I often pray during the day but it's while I'm doing
something else like folding laundry or peeling potatoes. My
resolution is to concentrate solely on praying for 15
minutes each day.

Fasting-- I'll not eat meat on Fridays. I'll still make
meals with meat but I'll just eat the other foods instead
and skip the meat.