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2004-02-25 23:25:09 (UTC)

another day

another day anthoner way dont ask i felt like ryhming
somewhat.... well my continuous stay on campus is still
lasting but im not complaining... i love it lol i love
being around pople to so i guess it works out hee hee but
school work is starting to suck... im actually getting a
lot of it now and i have a mid-term tomorrow its like
midterm already and the answer is like yup totally.... so
it sucks but ohwell.... u know something else... i havent
seen or talked to jess in a couple days.... i kinda miss
her.. i know i could call her but i always forget to call
people when im suppose to so jess when u read this CALL
ME!!!!!!!! :) but anyways people r so ignoarant now a days
like seriously there is this girl on the cheering team who
is my friend... her name is steph my guy friends r so
fucking rude to her like to her face and everything and i
mean yeah i dont like when they do it behind her back but i
expecially hate it when they do it to her face its so
fucking rude and then they still hang out with her kinda
but they always bitch about her and it pisses me off cause
she is cool shit i mean i like her! but hey whatever people
r people thye probably talk about me like that when im not
around but who knows.... well i dont really have to much of
a story besides the fact we kind out a little bit about
parts for drama club tomorrow wahoo lol but thats about it
and im out toodles
"y look into ones eyes when u can look into many"