Mind problems
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2004-02-25 19:07:44 (UTC)

I'm going to model

Yeah so yesterday some chic in my building when up to me
and asked me if i could do her a favor and i said yes and
then i asked her what it was. It turns out that her firend
needs a model so he can submit his porfolio for design
school. How cool is that? Well yeah so she said she would
call him and say that she found the model. So yeah, i'm a
model for this guy... heheeh

Any who he came over last night with the top that im going
to wear, its like really nice. Its completely open in the
front and it has to be laced up to keep it up. I though
this was very cool and what not. Yet the skirt he has not
done. The reason for that is that he has a lot to worry
about. So he said that tomorrow which is today they will
tell me what time the shot is going to be....

Yeah so my room mates asked me what it was for and all
that so i told them. I think they like that guy thats why
they were all like what is he for? Then they gave me that
your going to be a model look...i think it was envy or
more like you dont like a model your too ugly. Well
whatever look it was i think its just so funny that they
had some weird reaction to me being a model.

Any who that guy isn't the chics boyfriend its just a
friend. But i had a felling he is gay so he won't hit on
me and plus he isn't hot or anything...

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