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Life Is For Living, Rite?
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2004-02-25 13:38:10 (UTC)

More Of The Madness

Now, many of you may wonder why I so often pick on one
person in particular. Its because I will never run out of
things to say on this particular subject. For example, Phil
and Slug may make up things about him (like living in a
cardboard box) but this is only based on the things we
already know about him. And we know his taste in clothes is
less then normal, making him look like the type of person
who would indeed live in said cardboard box.
But recently a statement by this person, made to my friend
Pip, made me quite annoyed. At first it was funny, but when
I got to thinking about it it isnt as funny as it may seem.
I mean, we all know for a fact that there is no way in hell
he actually does drugs, but to say you do and seem proud of
it is just, well, its sick to be honest.
It is possible that we could mistake the constant blank
look on his face for someone who is high, but we know that
it is not true.
Whereas saying you do drugs in such a way, as to make it
seem like you are proud of this fact, is childish,
pathetic, pointless and wrong. There are people out there
who do have a serious problem with drugs, and fight this
problem night and day, and saying that you are one of them
the way he says he is makes a mockery of these peoples
struggles against something that really isnt that funny.
But then I look at this person and think, hell, its only

And if the drugs dont kill him Im sure Phil would be happy
to lend a hand.

Xx Millie xX

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