worse than teenage poetry
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2004-02-25 08:36:36 (UTC)

I Know I'm Lucky

I just read something.

I realize my life is great. I have a big house, my parents
love me. They yell only because they care. I am a lot
luckier than others.

But seriously, why do I whine about it? Sometimes the
problem seems bigger than it really is. And sometimes I
probably just want attention. As if I don't get enough. I
hate having to come to terms with bad things about myself,
but I have to do it.

I like attention, I guess. I like it when people respond
to my problems. Maybe its because I volunteer myself to
help everyone else. Maybe its because I like hearing
others and I think if I share, they will. Or maybe I'm
just self-centered. And its probably the latter. I don't
exactly like who I have grown up to become. I take things
for granted. Drama queen, whatever, I know what I am.

But no one has to read this. Only Tammi knows it *waves to
Tammi* And she doesn't have to read it. This is a journal
for a reason. To let things out. In the spur of the
moment, everything seems bigger. But I do know that I
really truly am lucky though.

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