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2004-02-25 03:18:26 (UTC)

everything has a beginning and an end

or does it? today in Latin class, which is forever
anything but, we discussed philosophy. there was actually a
point to her leading us in a 45 minute discussion of "time
in a bottle" and such things as that, tho i'm not sure very
many understood. she [being my teacher], told us to tell
her when 'now' is. it took 20 minutes of impromtu drama
acts, questions as to why we were doing this in the first
place, and nobody being able to put into words that 2/3 of
the class could comprehend, that 'now' is teh place or time
that you are in at any given moment. some took this to mean
that we are forever living in the future. now, in lit
class, which is 1st period, we've just finished
reading 'The Great Gatsby' and the teacher took the last
few lines of the book:
"Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future
that year by year receeds before us. It eluded us then, but
that's no matter --- tomorrow we will run faster, strech
out our arms farther.....and one fine morning ----
So we beat on, boats aginst the current, brne back
ceaselessly into the past."
Branton [that'd be the teacher] stood up and proclaimed
that this proves that we are forever living in the past,
and, in all essence of the argument, there is no future. i
dont remember what i said, but i contradicted her, proved
my point and had atleast 1/2 the class agreeing with me, so
she got mad at me. i really dont like this woman, but i do
admit that a long argument every morning does wonders for
waking you up, even if it does tend to make me really mad
for a couple of hours.

but anyway, my whole point in typing this, well there
really isnt one, so i guess i'll make one up. Ms. Hale [my
Latin teacher], says that there really isnt a 'now', but
that we are forever living in the future. Branton says that
there is no future, and we are forever living and repeating
the past. i want to know how you can have a 'past' if there
is no 'future' or 'now' in which to compare it with. i
found on that same website from the other night, a thing
that makes all this easier to understand, atleast to me...
"True tales have no beginning or end. They do not exist
only when men say 'Exist!' but instead are always
there...reverberating through time in a dance, a weaving if
you will. Only humans try to contain it with beginnings and
ends. To put boundaries on everything simply because our
own lives are bounded by birth and death. And thus we seek
to lessen the power of that which is immortal. True tales
have a power of their own though."
--from "The Rain Queen"

yea, i like that.

forever 17