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2004-02-25 02:57:01 (UTC)

It's been awhile

I haven't updated i think in like 10 days.. i think its a
record. But trust me, i've had so much on my mind, so much
going on. i just haven't been sure how to express my
feelings. So this entry prob. isn't going to be that
exciting. The other day at school, we had a drug bust. that
was awesome. ha, i thought it was because i dropped one of
my pills in the hallway. bc i've picked up this bad habit
of taking my billion meds in seminar bc its the only time i
remeber. but it turns out that we had it because some kid
that got expelled last week, they found a gun in his car,
and 30 valium's in his locker. thats my exciting story of
the week. tennis practice started up. notre dame.. you
bitches are going down this year!! me and wendy are looking
pretty damn good... our serves are awesome and wendys net
play has gotten better. the ryle "gangstas" are baaaack ;)
yea anywho... tonite after the hour practice we had (due to
the extreme cold) i was planning on going to the JV girls
game bc i promised ali i would, but nooo no one would go
with me, so i went to the mall with josh, then to bretts
house to see how he is recovering from his wrist surgery. i
got home late, which i got yelled at for.. and speaking of
that, the other nite, jake and i went on a mission for him
and em to go out, and i def. got home at like 10:20, so
check out this punishment (bc my curfew on school nites is
10)... ok for 2 weeks, curfew on school nites is now NINE
and curfew on the weekends is like ELEVEN... how gay is
that? i hate my parents. they have been riding my ass
lately and i don't know what to do about it. Yea, my mom is
stressed about her mom, because she just had a heart
attack, and she had a "review" at work, which she like
aced, but of course she has to bitch about it. and then my
dad is bitching about his drive every morning, and keeps
hinting about moving (which i've decided i dont want to do)
and now he hogs the f'ing tv... thats all he does.. i
swear! oh well... 6 months is all i have till i'm f'ing
free... thats what i keep telling myself. this place is
depressing me i swear.... enough said, i'm in a bad mood
now, so i'm out

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