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2004-02-25 01:49:52 (UTC)

moving/my guy

I am moving soon. I am so happy. The place I am staying
at now is way too small. I think I will not be so
depressed when I get to a new place that is bigger. I
will then decorate it all pretty and make matching
curtains and towels. I am so excited.

Sometimes I think I will not marry my guy. That I am just
with him for the time. Then I begin thinking that there
will never be anyone better. The next person will have
flaws too, and they might be even worse than my guys.
Then I will have wasted my relationship with him. But
what if there is something better only I am not going to
get it because I have decided to stay with my guy and then
I will never be as happy as I could have been had I chosen
the other guy over my guy. I love my guy. Well I think.

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