a little piece of me
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2004-02-24 21:12:23 (UTC)

shoppin' with willy bill

mom came up today with willy bill and we went to the
mall shopping. i hate going to the mall, but william
likes it. mom got him a new outfit, a couple shirts, and
an eeyore (5$ at the disney store...hell must be frozen
over!) it was pretty fun. he's a goofy little guy. he really
is a good kid. his parents are stupid for not spending
more time with him. he's almost 8 mos already. wow
how time flies.

turtle and i have been doing pretty good. we've been
spending a lot of time together just talking about things.
communication has been a barrier for us for a while,
but i think we're working through it. we had a really
good day sunday. we just did everything together.
watch movies, play some games, go out. it was nice.
usually we do our own thing on days off, but it was good
to be together again. he built me a nesting box for my
lovebirds. it's got a door on it so that i can open it up
and look in. it's pretty amazing that i just gave him a
vague idea of what i had in mind, and he made it from
there. it looks pretty cool. the birds like it, too!

well, i guess that's all. i've got a pot of chilli going (turtle
loves my chilli--it's nice and hot). i guess i should get in
there and keep an eye on it. it still has to simmer for
about an hour, but i don't want it to boil over.

one more thing...i'm reading a really good book right
now. it's called 'tales of a female nomad'. it's a true
story about a woman (48 yrs old) who is going through
a divorce, so she decides to roam around the world.
her only posessions are the things she carries in a
backpack. i'm very envious of her. that must be a
wonderful life. maybe one day i can do something like
that. until then, i guess i'll just have to live vicariously
through others.

alrighty, i'm done for today.


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