Denika's CraZY Life
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2004-02-24 18:47:54 (UTC)


WOW! Im sitting here. Pondering what makes me fall in love
with people... Then it hit me. I really love everyone. Its
VERY easy for me to fall in love. I see something wonderful
in everyone. When someone comes along, and they are SUPER
special.. then BAM. Its love.. Friends, lovers.. its all the
same. I just have this mass appreaciation for the human race.

This has brought me to the next thing, Dave. I know I
should give up bleh bleh bleh.. but you know what? So
what??! So what if he doesnt love me.. so what if he may not
like me as much as I like him. I know hes not an asshole.
Crushes are dangerous, thats for certain. But I AM IN LOVE.
Yup. And you know what? Im happy that I am in love. And I
DONT CARE that the feeling isnt mutual. I really dont. IM SO
HAPPY. I know this may sound confusing, but... WHats that
point? I mean, Im only human, and I have an extreamly deep
heart. (that sounds so0o0 cheesy) BUT ITS TRUE! Dave came
along, he inspired me, captivated me. And I love him for
that. Like I love most of you who are reading this. I dont
know what it is that drives me to be close to him, the fact
that I can see him when I want.. he does only live two
secconds away, or the fact that he is what I look for in all
my friends. In all my lovers.

There is something special in everyone. And although I may
of felt sad about it, I had good reason, Who wouldnt want
someone like that in their life! Hes a great guy, but maybe
Im not HIS PERFECT. There are people who arent my perfect..
and I should expect that not everyone sees me as thiers. Its

Im going to enjoy this feeling of love. Im not going to
let it get me down. Hes great, Im going to celebrate this. I
know that someday I will have my perfect and everything will
be so right. Someday , somewhere, someone will see in me,
what I see in Dave. And i will feel the same way. I love
loving. I do.. wow, I sound so dumb. , but I am just so happy.

The day is gorgeous. The sun is shining, and I have people
who love me. Screw feeling down. I am back to normal. YAY!
and all it took was three secconds of thought.. quiet.. and
being honest to myself. Im going to have fun without that on
my conscience. YAY!



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