polyester bride

The Blue of my Oblivion
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2004-02-24 18:25:25 (UTC)


i'm freaking out here. i have so much work to do and there
is not a single ounce of energy left in my body. i didn't
get a whole lot of sleep, yet still more than i get on a
regular, everyday basis. i have so many projects to do (my
teachers decided it would be funny if they gave us a
million projects at once) PLUS i'm tortured because i
cannot find a single effing midol or painkiller in the
place and i'm afraid i'm going to shoot myself in the foot
if i don't get any soon.

when will the madness stop!?!?!

i feel like a pig, too. i am bringing new meaning to fat


this is a one-woman show, a sonata. my sole purpose in life
is to be society's punching bag. my trial and error schemes
have stopped working, i'm no better off as anyone else. i'm
stuck in hell.

i have an hour and a half until my group meeting for yet
another project, the very same one i'm busting my ass over
right now.

i will be happy when this is all over.

ah...peace...it seems so far away, an opaque figure - i
want to touch it. it's barely exceeding my grasp. a steak
on a fishing line, taunting me. slipping away each time i
reach for it. i can't stop, i can't rest, i can't start
breathing again until i get this all done. oh how wistfully
i am looking for peace, that dangling crystal drop of
liquid bliss.