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2004-02-24 12:45:21 (UTC)

English TAKS day!

Today is the day where all of my high school career comes
out. TAKS day. Because we all live in the great state of
Texas we can all thank President George Bush Jr. for all
of the hard work we have put into this year and it all to
lay on if we pass these 3-4 ridictously hard tests. Thanks
ass wipe. The whole day is fucked up. We have to sit in a
room in alphabetical order and take this test. Whether it
takes me 1 hour or if it takes the kid in the 2 room on
the left upstairs 6 hours we ALL have to sit quietly and
do nothing. It really is going to be a hard test and I'm
kinda nervous. If I don't pass one of them I am put into
remedial classes and I have to take it agian untill I
pass. That sucks. Jack dosen't have to come to school
untill 10:45, lucky bastard. And I have to take Chad to
school. Well, I need to be leaving. Wish me luck.