Rei's Little World
2004-02-24 05:58:56 (UTC)

Not Good At All

*sigh* hey boys and girls and other struff. Im not doing
good at all today.

Well it started off alright. I went to houma with my 2
cuz's which was cool, even though we basically just went
round so Trav could find some shoes. lol. and he got very
ghetto ones. ^^

Then, later we went to wal-mart, then burger
king....yeah...thats where bad day started. im not gonna
say much about my bad day cause im already feelin really
bad already. Its jsut after that, everything went down
hill, back to back to back.....its still going on...i have
a bad headache at the moment.

On a lighter side, i finally finished my quilt! So im
pretty proud of myself. I was plannin on sleepin with my
new quilt tonight, buuut im not gonna for my own reasons,
and if ya wanna know those reasons, you'll just have to
ask me about it. So hopefully tomorrow I'll sleep with my
new quilt.

Then tomorrow.....ugh. parade....i gotta be at school for
7 in the morning! that sucks, imma sleep all the way to
New Orleans, then I have to march the whole parade. *sigh*
and I dont know when Ill get happy mardi gras
everyone....although im not in a celebrating mood. yeah i
could write a lot more about this holiday and why its
makin me sad, but this message is already way to long.

So goodnight everyone. I hope ya'll have a better night
than I am now. And if you've read my last two away
messages on AIM you'll know the biggest reason my night
isnt good. And i didnt get a chance to tell someone i
loved them and goodnight....