listen to my silences
2004-02-24 05:44:05 (UTC)

everything's all right

tiff and i talked and we're cool. everything's all right.
i mean, it will be. we're still fixing things and
arranging things so that it will be completely cool and
stay that way. but yeah, we're good.

a boxed-up memory is all that you are to me now

random, i know. but hey, it was in my head so wah-lah here
it is now on the screen.

my thoughts have deeper meanings than anyone can ever
know. mostly because i won't tell them. but that's not
the complete reason.

final thought: we could live like jack and sally...we'll
have halloween on christmas...

final thought: you did everything right. so i must have
done something wrong to make you want to do that to me.