worse than teenage poetry
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2004-02-24 01:33:19 (UTC)

Not A Poem

Hi, its me. This is more of random babble, and it has
nothing to do with what I just wrote about. Because thats
past and I want to speak of the present. Just a note if I
do let anyone read this.

Where does the heart take you? Have a chance with a nice
guy, funny, you know? But that won't work....because I
don't feel a connection, I don't feel anything more than
friendship. And then, the heart starts leaning towards
someone....but they have to be totally off-bounds.
Seriously, the worst person you could choose to begin to
have a weak spot for. And wow, here I am being an emo
child, something I never want to be. These teenage
tragedies, I don't want them, but they do pop up out of no
where anyways. The whole point of this is....I don't go
for the right people. No, he was okay, that I'm way over.
Just the fact of friendship that I've lost bothers me...of
course, lets recall the only time I ever did cry was
because of friendship. I just didn't feel that I could
bear to lose that....but technically, I did though.

That was off topic. I just needed to get out of my system
how bad this sucks for me. I want one thing....and I can't
have it because I totally love and adore another. Its
always, always clashing....

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