taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2004-02-24 00:38:21 (UTC)

the chemicals in my shreddies

I'm getting dumber.

I got back the marks from the midterms i wrote back on the
30th and 31st of January. Less than stellar. Can you say,
the two lowest marks of my achedemic career. Oh yah, thats
right. 50.75 and 47.50 respectively.

I've been thinking I've been getting dumber for sometime
now, but this not only confirms my auspicions, it rubber
stamps them and sends them to the post office for immediate
delivery to "you called it, buddy" lane. One would think
that 3 years of university would make such a trend
unreasonable, but one would be a idiot for thinking that. I
used to be smarter than this. I used to be the one getting
the average marks on half the efforts. Those days are over.
47.50 does not merit fridge time. 47.50 merits dunce cap
time though. So give me the party hat and stick me in the
corner so i can eat lint from under the couch and pee a
word on the wall. Wrong spelling, of course.