goddess of imaginary light
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2004-02-24 00:23:12 (UTC)


yeah so i cant have pets at the apartment but thats ok :(
no puppies for dana, but im thinking of getting a snake:)
classes were ok...OH!
my dad is comin into town tomorrow and we are gonna go
fill out the paper work for my lease and i will pay the
down payment so i will be set to move into my apartment in

i cant fight the heartache
i can hardly try
what once made me happy
only makes me cry
i sit by my lonesome
pondering what to mend
but the problems you started
wont come to an end
i hate the way i felt about you
i hate the way i tried
im glad things are over
im glad you made me cry
it showed me whats important
what i forgot and what was
it showed me you werent
who i thought you were
it proved it wasnt love

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